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Hiring a trusted counselor for you and your family should not be as impossible as it seems. We promise to deliver the advice you want, the legal protections you need, all in a relationship you can trust.

Bluebird Law, PLLC

100 N. 27th St., Suite 350

Billings, MT 59101


We are located in the Grand Building in downtown Billings, home of Jake’s Restaurant. On-street parking available nearby, or park in the Park One Parking Garage to the east of the building.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Start with a 2-Hour Meeting or a 15-Minute Consult

Life and Legacy Planning Session

The Life and Legacy Planning Session is a two-hour working meeting (or two 60-minute meetings) during which we will guide you to look at everything you own (your assets), everyone you love (your family dynamics), and what will happen to all of it when something happens to you (your legacy).

Then you will tell us what matters to you most about your life and legacy, and together we will design the most effective and affordable plan for you and the people you love. 

The fee for this meeting is $750 or $950 if we will be reviewing existing documents.

If you would like us to waive the Planning Session fee, all you need to do is complete your “Personal Resource Map” before our meeting, and submitting it at least 72 hours before your meeting so we make the best use of our time together.

If you would prefer to not submit homework ahead of time, you are welcome to pay for the Life and Legacy Planning Session and we will credit the Planning Session fee to any additional work we do together after the Planning Session.

Or if you aren’t sure what will be best for you, schedule a 15-minute consultation call during which we can talk with you to determine your next best step.

Free 15-Minute Consult

Choose this option if you would like to begin with  quick guidance and direction on your next steps.

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Choose this option if you would like to begin with  quick guidance and direction on your next steps.

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